This project entailed creating a series of online videos for a Biotech company based in Hong Kong. They have developed a highly effective treatment for Autism and ADHD. Unfortunately, they became the target of a short-selling attack on the stock market, affecting their financial stability and disrupting their crucial treatment research. The primary objective of these videos was to educate their audience about the concept of a short sale and its profound impact on treatment development and, consequently, individuals with Autism and ADHD.
Concept: Boxer
I employed the analogy of a boxing match to convey this complex concept in a visually compelling and dynamic manner. The protagonist, a skilled boxer, symbolizes the biotech company and the patients they serve. The antagonist represented the short seller as the formidable opponent. This analogy provided a relatable and engaging narrative framework for viewers to understand the adversarial nature of a short sale and its consequences on the biotech company's research and the well-being of individuals with Autism and ADHD.
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