Set in a primordial cemetery, Black Tear follows the ghost of a lone Victorian woman who searches for the grave of her long departed friend.  Satiric in nature, the spot pokes fun at the concept of a belated birthday card.  A commercial for Hallmark Cards shot on spec.  
Streaming: AT&T Mobile Network (National) /Sprint/MobiTV (Int'l, including UK, China & Singapore)
Featured: Ads of the World, We Love Ad
Represented Eastman Kodak and screened as part of the National APR Presentation (Kodak Theater, NYC)
Creative Director / Director: Daniel Azarian
Cinematograhy: Milton Kam
Colorist: John Dowdell
Editing: Namakula
VFX Supervision: Sally Kapsalis
Flame Artist: Jason Cunningham
Original Score: Michael Damon
Word Mark Design
Completed Spot
Original Concept Art
Original Concept Art Close Up
Pre production Storyboard Panel
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