Morgan is wild-caught orca that is being held captive at a marine adventure park in Spain.  The messaging of the PSA, per the many worldwide scientists and marine biologists that work with the foundation, was to communicate how orcas can suffer just like people and should not be used for entertainment.  

I came up with the parallel of the carnival sideshows and freak shows of the 1800s, where medical human oddities were paraded on display and exploited.
Completed Photo Illustration
Photo Illustration / Sky element
Photo Illustration / Main tent element
Photo Illustration / Rear tent elements with sky and string light elements
Photo Illustration / Entrance tent element added
"Freak Show" rendered 3D sign element.
Close up of completed tent entrance.
My research led me to historical posters and advertisements of the various freakshow acts that were prevelant during this time in history. Knowing now how these acts were actually humans suffering from severe medical conditions, makes the exploitive nature much more obvious.
Research / Historical Freakshow and Carnivale Sideshow poster art and photographs
The sequence consists of three archival historical posters for different freak show acts moving past the camera.  The artwork was articulated, so as the posters fly by in the scene, the titles and elements of each poster subtly moves on their own, to bring attention to the exploitive advertising that is taking place.
Archival trio of Side Show exhibit Signs to appear in animated sequence
Completed signs and tent background as they appeared in the animated sequence.
Completed Spot
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